About Us

Welcome to YMLAEN-FORWARD, the UNISON branch that supports everyone who works in the not for profit sector in Wales. UNISON is the largest union in the sector, with more than 60,000 members across the UK, working in every type of job across all grades.

At Ymlaen-Forward we have no distractions. We only support workers in the not for profit sector. We are 100% dedicated to the not for profit sector in Wales. And we are proud to champion and campaign for a sector that is the pre-eminent provider of critical public services in Wales.

These are the unique ingredient that makes UNISON the trade union of choice for everyone who works in the not for profit sector in Wales whether you work in a large national charity or housing association with hundreds of employees or a small-grant aided projects as a part-timer.

We are big enough to know, have time enough to care and are skilled enough to support, whatever grade or position you hold. Ymlaen-Forward UNISON Branch membership is the single place that support workers, CEO’s, housing officers, nurses, campaign officers and thousands of others jointly call home. Join us today.

This is a website which is more than a public relations shop window for UNISON. It is a website we want you to return to regularly.

  • We are the only trade union website dedicated to bringing you, live, the latest voluntary sector jobs in Wales.
  • Our members tell us that they want to get on, not just get even (although we occasionally have to do that). UNISON is without parallel as the union that supports you at work through fantastic and often totally free learning. You can find that here too.
  • Union reps, also known as Stewards, are volunteers who help union members with their problems at work. It is a fantastic feeling to sleep at night knowing that you have helped someone when they most needed it or gave that friendly bit of advice or your shoulder. Becoming a rep is also great for personal development, has a terrific training and learning package and is also the foundations that UNISON is built on. Reps are what makes Ymlaen-Forward one of the largest member led voluntary sector organisations in Wales ourselves. Why not talk to us today about becoming a rep?
  • Forget old fashioned notions of trade unions banging tables in smoke filled rooms. We know that this is not what the majority of members want to see from us. We don’t do ‘cosy’ with employers but we do excel at the thoroughly modern partnership style working. What is partnership? It mutually supports the success and activity of the organisation whilst respecting the fact that the component parts have different needs, worries and hopes in being able to achieve that. That is where we can add value to the relationship you can have with your employer. If your employer wants to work with and recognise UNISON then all the foundations are there to help make your employer and your career even more sustainable and successful in the future.
  • For some of our members though, UNISON becomes the first emergency service to call when a major problem occurs at work. We support our members through all sorts of disciplinary matters, grievances, sickness reviews, POVA, NMC and a whole host of other issues. We can also assist with phone advice if you want our view but not our presence. So long as you have been in membership for at least a month before your problem arose you are covered. Contacting the Ymlaen-Forward UNISON Branch is just one click away. Contact us before 4pm and we guarantee you a call back the same day. After 4pm we guarantee you a call back the next morning. Those are our standards.
  • Sometimes employers behave badly. On other occasions they behave downright unlawfully. That is where our free legal services come forward. Check out our legal services page for everything you need to know about our huge range of legal services, the latest trade union legal news from across the UK and details of how Ymlaen-Forward UNISON Branch has helped our members succeed in their recent legal cases.